Designing the personal graphic identity of Antonio Dominguez wasn’t a piece of cake. A business card brings very little space to capture the magical universe of this great stage director.

The first step was to create the logo. It had to be very personal: apparently handmade and with a clearly distinguishable trait. The T in his name was perfect to draw a horizontal line, which gave strength to the signature. The background couldn’t be anything else than his creative visual universe. I selected four pictures of his plays that reflect the magic in his staging; full of colour and visual beauty.

The intention was that each card felt like a piece of candy. We used a thick paper to make them almost rigid. Mate to avoid any possibility of glare. And the logo in the front side was printed on UV so that the picture of the scene could be observed without interruptions. It also enabled the signature to be felt, not only seen. On the back side, the same picture but blurred to focus on the information about Antonio.