This story is based on the myth of Mnemosyne. The legend tells that there are two rivers in the Hades: Mnemosyne, the river of Memory; and Lethe, the river of Oblivion.  When dying, one can choose to drink from Lethe and reincarnate in another being; or drink from the river of Memory and stay in the Hades, with all the past memories, for eternity.


Cast: Elena Ramos, Sergio Barroso, Juan Reguilón, Rosa Vivias
Writen & Directed: Laura Reyero & Gisele Murias
Cinematography: Nicolás Mazzini
Stage Direction: Antonio Domínguez
Production Management: Carlos Plaza
Makeup & Hair stylist: Chelo Escobar
Art Direction: Elisa Correa & Jessica de Mendonça
Electrical Management: Víctor López
Costume Design: Moisés Nieto
Original Music: Juan de la Fuente
Film Editing & Visual Effects: Laura Reyero, Gisele Murias, Nicolás Mazzini